Program officer

Program Objectives and Activities

The Reporting the Border program focuses on the following activities:

  1. Empowering U.S. — based journalists to leverage access to information laws, harness public data, and incorporate visualizations and infographics to produce compelling, evidence-based stories related to border issues;
  2. Incentivize investigative journalism and Improve security protocols and use of secure digital tools and platforms by local journalists, editors, and civil society actors to protect their online information and collaboration;
  3. Create and nurture a hub of cross-border journalists and civil society actors to advance transparency, accountability, social justice and human security in the U.S. — Mexico border area.

General Responsibilities include:

  1. In coordination with the BCJB President, assist program participants to attend both editorial and logistical needs.
  2. Help the BCJB President to build and maintain partnerships with other organizations in order to meet the Program goals.
  3. In coordination with the BCJB President, help editors to develop, maintain and ensure the best results and highest impact possible of each grant and fellowship awarded.
  4. Work closely with the BCJB team to communicate program’s milestones.
  5. Work on any other deliverable requested by the BCJB President to attend specific needs arising during the Program development.

Specific Responsibilities include:

Overseeing all Fellow and Editors activities

  1. Help identifying and recruiting Fellows who meet project and program criteria;
  2. Conduct due diligence on fellowships and grants candidates.
  3. Help preparing and implementing an orientation program for new Fellows and grantees that prepares them to manage their investigative reporting projects;
  4. Maintain weekly contact with Editors to ensure they are meeting their objectives;
  5. Helping Fellows develop innovative resources – guides, networks, technology, collaborations – that last after their Fellowships and have a measurable impact on how information is delivered and shared;

Working with the Communications team to develop an effective communications strategy for the program

  1. Helping BCJB to communicate program milestones, impact and news through blogs, social media and events organized by BCJB;
  2. Develop blogs, multimedia and other content for BCJB’s websites, especially the Border Hub;

Working with the BCJB’s president to report activities to donors

  1. Tracking all metrics and follow the monitoring-and-evaluation program that measures the progress of each project and helps BCJB to see if milestones and goals are met;
  2. Produce a monthly metrics report useful to evaluate and reports activities;
  3. Help drafting regular reports to ICFJ and other funders supporting the Border Hub program.

Required experience and skills

  1. 3-5 years of reporting and or editing experience in the U.S. — Mexico border.
  2. Excellent writing skills.
  3. Experience with excel and Microsoft office tools.
  4. Experience with CMS
  5. Proven experience in online campaigns via social media.
  6. Bilingual (English-Spanish).

Desirable experience and skills

  1. Experience as a trainer and conferencist in media and journalism conferences.
  2. Experience in multimedia journalism.
  3. Experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript programs.