The Border Center for Journalists and Bloggers is a non profit organization based in South Texas dedicated to improve quality journalism, promote safer practices, and boost innovation and cooperation across borders.

BCJB also focuses in the creation of a binational network of journalists at both sides of the border and the promotion of investigative reporting, adoption of digital tools, data mining and visualization, as well as the production of high quality multimedia stories.

In a partnership with the International Center for Journalists, BCJB is launching the Mexico Border Investigative Reporting Hub Project to promoting investigative journalism and data journalism among border reporters, independent media, and civil society organizations.

We have organized security workshops for border journalists who work in hostile environments and cover zones rife with organized crime, violence and extreme poverty. We help them to reduce risk by improving their editorial skills and promoting the use of security protocols to cover immigration and human trafficking, education and health issues, local governments, criminal justice, crime and corruption.

All featured photos by Alicia Fernandez, based in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico, and Monica Gonzalez, based in Mexico City, both of them awarded Mexican photojournalists.


COMUNICADO.- Hoy se cumplen 10 días de posible atentado a director de Redes Quinto Poder, en NL. Autoridades no han aclarado el caso

PARA SU DIFUSIÓN INMEDIATA COMUNICADO.- El BCJB convoca a grupos de la sociedad civil, periodistas y medios de Comunicación a unirse para exigir investigación pronta y apegada a derecho de las acusaciones de corrupción en el gobierno de Nuevo León y se aclare posible atentado a activista. Hoy se cumplen 10 días de posible atentado. …

ALERT.- BCJB worries about an alleged attack against the president of a civil society organization in Nuevo León, Mexico

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WHO.- The vehicle of Juan Manuel Ramos, president of the civil society organization Redes Quinto Poder, was set on fire. WHEN AND WHERE.- City of Monterrey, Mexico, July 19th, at his official address. CONTACT.- Jorge Luis Sierra jorgeluis@bordercenter.net EDINBURG, TEXAS.- The Border Center for Journalist and Bloggers expresses its concern and asks …

ALERTA.- Condena BCJB presunto atentado contra presidente de organización civil en Nuevo León, México

PARA DIFUSIÓN INMEDIATA ALERTA.- Condena BCJB presunto atentado contra presidente de organización civil en Nuevo León, México QUIÉN.- Incendian vehículo de familia de Juan Manuel Ramos, presidente de la organización civil Redes Quinto Poder.  CUÁNDO Y DÓNDE.- Ciudad de Monterrey, México, 19 de Julio de 2019, en su domicilio oficial.  CONTACTO.- Jorge Luis Sierra  jorgeluis@bordercenter.net …

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